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Excited to announce the WINNER and first runner up of The Secret Kids Contest! It was quite a task to pick out of the wonderful entries but there could only be one winner: Anya Costello with her book DARK SHADOWS! Congratulations Anya!

Excited to announce the RUNNER UP of The Secret Kids Contest! Congratulations to Priyanka Nambiar with her book ESCAPE WAR! Well done Priyanka.

Well done to Jaela Deming from Minnesota for her story the Slum Cleaner. Jaela enjoys skiing, swimming, kayak, fishing, piano, harp and theater. She’s written lots of short stories but this is her first novel. The Slum Cleaner tells the story of a girl and her brother who decide to go to the slums and

Excited to announce another Secret Kids Contest finalist: Grace Larsen from Minnesota with her story THE SUN QUEST! Grace has had a passion for writing since she was 6 years old and her favorite genre is fantasy. Apart from writing she also likes reading, drawing, theater and participates in the school band as a flutist.

Welcome Secret Kids Contest finalist Emma Tian from New Jersey with her story THE MINDYLEAF CHILDREN! Emma is not only a talented writer, but is also involved in various creative arts like sketching, playing the piano and oboe and reading. THE MINDYLEAF CHILDREN describes the story of a girl who stumbles upon an intriguing old

Next up: Secret Kids Contest finalist Sabrina Guo from New York with her story THE SECRET OF QUEENS! Apart from her award-winning writing, Sabrina is also an internationally performing violinist with The Joyous String Ensemble, has founded an international Pen Pal Program and she is member of the John Hopkin’s University Study of Exceptional Talents