About Nancy Gee

Nancy Gee’s journey into writing started not long after an unknown animal got into her sock drawer, only to be discovered by the family cat. Her grandsons loved having her tell and retell that story, and challenged her to write a book.

“When I published ‘The Secret Drawer’, I knew this was the start of a new chapter in my life”. The Secret book series with each book based on a true event has proved to be an enormous success both in the U.S. as well as internationally.

For more than thirty years, Nancy has owned and operated Maywood Industries, a wood fabrication company that sells industrial lumber and related building materials. Her entrepreneurial skills and drive have served her well in her publishing endeavours, as has her philanthropic work both with foundations as well as corporations. Nancy is a graduate of Drake University and lives in the Chicago area.

Through Literacy the world is yours!

Nancy Gee has performed scores of author readings and children’s literacy events for bookstores, libraries, and schools.

With the help of corporate sponsors, Nancy’s #ThroughLiteracy campaign has brought hundreds of books to children in hospitals, schools, and other charities.